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So there are a few reviews up now. Here is one of the negatives.

"They've lost their god damn minds with this price...
As someone who has the game, let me tell you, it is ABSOLUTELY NOT worth $65 to get in right now. There is 1 map, and 1 list for each of the 4 factions. You get no choices when it comes to building your list. Do yourself a favor and wait for the release, which will be cheaper anyways."

It being early access, the limited nature is to be expected, but asking 65 bucks? Yeah, I agree with this guy. Doesn't seem like it'll be worth it at the moment. The three positive reviews don't really shed a whole lot of light, so I would definitely say wait and get the tac squad instead.

I'll keep my eye on it though. Not a warmachine player, but it has piqued my interest so i'd be interesting in trying this out
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