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Hi all, just giving a shout out to let everyone know about the wargaming club opened recently in Skegness Lincolnshire.

Warlords of the Coast is a wargaming store based in Skegness, Lincolnshire and we are only a few minutes walk from the centre of town.

Here's a few notes on the things we do/run at the club:

- Currently running both a fantasy and 40k campaign within the store.
- Internet Access for games and web on a pay as you use or pre-pay service.
- Magic the Gathering sanctioned Events including release weekends for the latest sets.
- E-bay store for all your wargaming needs
- Free Paint station for you to relax and paint your models with other gamers.

That's only a few of the things we do here and there is no limit on the ranges we will stock,play or order in for you. We are currently branching out with a few gamers into warlord games products and privateer press games.

Other events running include D&D thursday's and other roleplaying games coming soon.

Check out the dmrp-games.co.uk website for all sorts of offers and cheap webstore prices on various ranges of models.

Coming soon upto 20% off GW prices online through DMRP and Warlords of the Coast.

Paid members will also recieve other benefits and increased discounts on certain products.

Come and join us at Warlords of the Coast, 171 Roman Bank, Skegness.
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