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I really want to build a warlord titan but frankly have no idea where to begin. I know theres someone else on the forum that made one as well as BTP but it seems as if unless you go all or nothing into it theres no real way get it right by using templates or anything.( I really dont have enough money to go "all in" unless i know its going to work.)

If anyone has any advice or help as to where i could find templates or measurements or something anything really please help.:angel:

Edit: also why do warlord titans look like they are imperator titans? Has someone just gotten them mixed up at some point or..... what. because in Epic 40k the warlord looks like a larger warhound that is more rounded and the imperator looks like what people now call a warlord. By and by nothing really important just wondering.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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