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Warlord Titan WIP

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Apocalypse is coming out soon. I heard rumors that is will have rules for a Warlord Titan. This is where I will post my WIP for my scratch built 40K scale Warlord titan.

I checked around and got links of good pictures and information. Wikipedia has a good scale comparison for the titan's overall size. It states that a Warhound is 10 inches tall and in reality would stand 14 meters. It also went on to state a Reaver titan is about 28 meters tall and the Warlord titan is 45 meters tall. After converting meters to inches based upon the Warhound I found that a Reaver should stand at just 20 inches and a Warlord titan should stand at 32 inches.

I got a few really good frontal and side images of titans and blew them up to 8 inches tall. Then I started taking measurements.

Height and Width:

1 = 3”
2 = 12“
3 = 20 1/2”
4 = 5”
5 = 5”
6 = 24”
7 = 4”
8 = 13 ½”
9 = 5”
10 = 5 ½”
11 = 3”
12 = 4”
13 = 1 “
14 = 1 ½”
15 = 3”
16 = 3”
17 = 3”
18 = 3”
19 = 4”
20 = 10 ½”
21 = 5 ½”
22 = 2 ½”
23 = 2 ½”
24 = 4”
25 = 6 ½”
26 = 6”
27 = 3”
28 = 3”
29 = 2 ½”
30 = 5”
31 = 1 ½”
32 = 4”
33 = 7 ½”
34 = 6”
35 = 9 ½”
36 = 5”


1 = 2 ½”
2 = 6”
3 = 1 ½”
4 = 2”
5 = 2 ½”
6 = 5 ½”
7 = 2”
8 = 2”
9 = 3”
10 = 1 ½”
11 = 8”
12 = 2”
13 = 6”
14 = 7 ½”
15 = 2”
16 = 9”
17 = 7 ½”
18 = 5”
19 = ½”
20 = 2”
21 = 6 ½”
22 = 3"

Images courtesy of Tom Webb at
DeAynes Gallery
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Getting started:

First I decided to start with a strong skeleton. So I chose PVC. I am using 3/4" diameter PVC. Below is a pic of the pieces you will need:

You will also need a 10 foot long piece of 3/4" diameter pvc tubing:

After I build the skeleton I will glue 3/4-1" wide strips of Foam core to it to provide good places for mounting armor plates and everything else it will be made from.

I will post a comprehensive parts list later as my parts inventory is still growing. Suffice it to say that this project will be the biggest one I have ever attempted and it will require all my skillz. :)

You will need all your gaming, converting, and painting tools. Here are just a few:

You will also need a pin vise, drill, drill bits, vise bits, files, exacto knives, cutting board, some sort of small saw for the PVC (I'm using a hack saw).
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Every monument and building starts with a good base. I see no need to upset the order of the universe so that is where I am starting as well; with the feet.

The Warlord titan feet are huge. It has a 9" x9" footprint. If you look at an Epic Warlord titan you will notice the 8 points of its feet (did chaos work its way into the design of the titans? Hmmm....).

I started by making two 9 1/2"x9 1/2" squares from foam core.

Then I started placing my peices for the feet. I am using laminate floor spacers. Anyone that has ever put down laminate floor will be used to these little slices of heaven. If you need some, go to a hardware store and look in the flooring section. A box of 30 should cost about $7 or so.

Layed out in 8 point fashion:

Then I needed to build up the feet for thickness. I placed two layers of foam core beneath the front, back, left, and right points of the feet. The angles only have one piece of foam core beneath them. Make the foamcore pieces to fit the shape of the spacers.

After I built up the foot, I cut the excess foam core from between the "toes". As you can see there is still some toe-jam. Frikin bugs are everywhere.

Huge huh?
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:shock: that thing is going to be huge!

Honestly already impressed somebody has taken on a project of this size, looking forward to the next update!
Anphicar said:

Holy crap!

Goo path gooo path! :D
Quoted for truth!
Cadian81st said:
Anphicar said:

Holy crap!

Goo path gooo path! :D
Quoted for truth!
seconded for emphasis
Thanks all. Yes, it will be a monster. I'm sure FW or GW will eventually release on, but who wants to pay $1,000,000,000 + for it? Hopefully I can keep my costs below $100.
in the words of paris hilton...

"loves it"
And this topic will now be watch with huge interest by myself.

I cannot wait to see how this thing turns out. It's going to be so cool.

Oh and by the way I saw you over on B&C. We joined at pretty much the same time.

Anyway good luck with it.
Thanks. Hopefully I can do two updates a week. My wife loves reality T.V. I can't stand it. So I use the time to work on my Warhammer stuff. It kinda sux really, as I just started a Deathwing army back in January. Now I have to put it on hold so I can build this monstrosity. Oh well, I go where the inspiration takes me. :)

My plans are to build a basic skeleton. After that I will build the basic shape of the titan on the skeleton. After the titan has it's shape I will give it details. Lots and lots of plastic card, rivets, banners, wires, cables, hydraulic pistons, chains, battle scars, purity seals, vents, exhaust ports, hatches, metal ladders, armor plates, windows in the head, removable cockpit and crew, etc.
I did a test fit of the PVC last night. I also did a weight and stress test. It easily held 20 lbs without a problem. I expect the titan to be closer to 10 lbs. I also did more work to the feet. I'll post more pics and pvc lengths toinight.
More to come in a couple weeks as I get adjusted to being a new dad.
:D congratulations all round pathwinder!
I'm going gaga over the size of that. Keep it up and can't wait till the next update. I lovers this.

I'm going to do something along the lines of this.
Our washing machine just broke and we got a new one. My mother gave me permission to attack my old one with a screwdriver. I'll salvage most of the bits for scenery and most likely a titan. This is going to be so much fun. I'll do a WIP aswell. Wait for my topic. Should be lots of fun.
pathwinder14 said:
More to come in a couple weeks as I get adjusted to being a new dad.
Why worry about building a titan when you've got a live one? It crawls, it stomps, it eats Space Marines without a care! Set it on the table and watch it go to work! Congratulations, btw. :wink:
Here’s an update. I don’t know when I’ll be able to provide another update so please bear with me. I want this WIP to be good, not quick.

I last did a test fit of the legs. Here’s the parts you need, their quantity, and how they go together:

Onto the feet. I had to make them thicker so I added another layer of foam core to the bottom and an octagonal piece inside. Here’s a pic of the octagonal piece and the total layers.

I have them built, but now the angled toes (A.K.A. - northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast) need coverings so they look more like this:

To get here you will need to make these out of plastic card:

You will need 8 of numbers 1,2,4 and 16 of number 3. Dimensions are:

Once those are made, you will need to glue shims made of foam core and plastic card to the sides of the angled toes like so:

It’s important the shims do not exceed the height or width of the toe otherwise the plastic plates you just made will not fit.

Once that is done we will place a wooden block in the base of the foot like so:

Do not drill the hole until you are ready to place the legs in. I will cover that in my next installment.
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wow, this is awesome stuff. this is going to be huge. great for apocolypse. fantasic stuff
They say the line between insanity and genius is very thin you know. :wink:

Brilliant work Path, when its done I think it ought to made into a Tutorial.

Looking forward to the next instalment.

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