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Knowing what I know of WWI, squad based combat will be hard to master. When it came to the trenches, the process of breaking through those lines in a meaningful way involved sudden bombardment in the middle of an attack along with rapid exploitation of breakthroughs. So for the defender this means, inevitably, an immediate and overwhelming blow by superior numbers of coordinated attackers with significant off-map fire support. Aside from the early months of this where massive slaughters occurred in No Man's Land, these battles were usually sure-fire victories for the attackers, and it was the 'pursuit' of the attack that lacked and was always repulsed. Trench lines were not invincible.

As for maneuver afterwards, the breakdown of communications is often what prevented attackers from holding onto what they gained. Late-war saw sheer attrition take effect, in which case even plodding forces could get by simply by weight alone. In both cases you're dealing with scattered, less-than-WWII style warfare, with lackluster tanks, limited air support, and no real mechanization otherwise, which honestly isn't very compelling or original. Most of the mystique of WWI was the trenches in the west, the attrition in the east, the mountains in the Tyrol, and the camels in the middle east. All of these are tactical and theater-level traits, not squad-level.

So about the only compelling fight I can imagine would be a thick trench line assault, or a battle within a large fort, where the defender has plenty of room to fall back. In essence, it would be a fight over the trench works themselves, breaking down into individual dugouts, strongpoints, munitions and communication bunkers, etc. and not the immediate attack into them or the confused exploitation afterwards. Not even cityfights hold appeal because they often just didn't happen: Both sides were content to shell towns and cities flat from afar, and it was major forts that were the main focus.

It'll be interesting to see how these game mechanics boil down, to say the least. As a stickler for history I'm tough to please.
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