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Warlord Games looking for 40k players.

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This is definitely an unusual way to try recruit players. I've never seen a games company actively and openly target players of a different system.

Guide to Bolt Action for 40k Players/
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I play fantasy and 40k and have done so for over 23 years but now more than ever I'm thinking of selling a huge portion of my very large collection and investing in something different to paint and game with.
I got into BA last year, and loved it straight away. I sold a shit ton of 40k stuff over the spring and used the cash to finish off my Brit army, and buy both a USMC and Italian army. The biggest attraction is the game itself, but the fact that it so cheap and accessible also helps. A full, competitive army is possible for less than €100.
6000pts ultramarines, 6500pts eldar, 4500pts tomb kings plus two titans and super heavies all painted should fetch a penny or two and get me a bolt action force plus extras!
That should get you pretty much every mini for every army they have probably two or three times over.
does anyone know if warlord games run tournies? If they have a painting competition? If they do that would be the icing on the cake
There's tournaments across the country that they back officially, but they have nothing like Warhammer World or ToS. The best part is that Allessio Cavatore and Rick Priestley have been known to attend some of these torunaments.
All the guys I know who play or have played 40k love bolt action so I reckon I'll like it from what I've seen.
I'm sure you will, especially if you enjoyed 5th Ed.
Can someone explain Bolt Action to me? Or point me toward a good write up?
Bolt Action is somewhat similar to 5th Ed 40k, except for two big differences. The pinning mechanic and the turn system. If a unit gets hit it sufferes a pin. That pin affects their ability to do anything. The pins are minis modifiers if they try and shoot, and They must roll a morale check every turn to carry out an order, with a modifier of minus however many pins the unit has. This means that you can effectively take a unit out of the game without killing it if you get enough pins on it. It doesn't sound like much, but it has massive in game effects.

It also doesn't follow the traditional you go-I go system. Every unit has an order dice. Both players put their dice in a bag, and randomly draw one. Whichever players dice is drawn gets to activate a unit. This makes the game a lot more tactical, and a game can be won or lost on a single draw of the dice.

1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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