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Warlord Games looking for 40k players.

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This is definitely an unusual way to try recruit players. I've never seen a games company actively and openly target players of a different system.

Guide to Bolt Action for 40k Players/
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Once I've cleared off a couple of things, I'll be getting into this with those Japanese that @Logaan seems to be dreading......

BANZAI!!! :crazy:
Tawa, if you are anywhere near Glasgow you could try out the club I go to in Clarkston. Let me know and I'll give you the details.
Only a couple of times a year for the footy.

I'm in Cheshire mate, cheers though :good:

I have a 950 point list of late war British Infantry that, along with the Bolt Action rulebook, has cost me less than £90. That it cost so little is bloody ace. Combine this with the cost of playing X Wing, my outlay over the past few months has been minimal compared to when I was heavily into 40k.
I've spent what, £25 on the lambda shuttle since my initial purchase a good few months ago and even with my limited X-Wing collection I still haven't reached the limit of playability. :)

As I gradually clear out my 40k stuff - the Pike & Shotte stuff has gone - I'll be investing in BA and some more DW stuff :good:
I see good times ahead for my gaming circle!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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