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First i Apologize for the quality of the pic, looked better on the cell phone (only beepen camera in the house) and i still don't quite know how to post pictures to this forum well, ugh.

secondly:This guys made of a Centurion/Hammersmith/Avenger heavy warjack, and some kind of dreadnought, (got it second hand, I think its from Black Reach). The right hand is made of a pair of heavy weapon team Auto cannons glued together stuck to one of the hammer smith hands to make a handle. The assault cannons are made of one of the hammers, and a assault cannon from one of chapter house studios razor back kits green stuffed on, again on a hammer smith handle

the Head was a pain, in the dreads body there a notch where the head was almost made to go, but it look wrong just sitting on the top of the body with out a collar or anything. After thinking about it for a hour, I went screw it, and put a blob of green stuff on to hid it and make a hood, turned out very well I think. I'll paint the whole Dread-jack, tomorrow.

Oh, word of advice to any one doing this in the future, make sure your jack has separate shoulders. I dodge a bullet in that the Centurion has separate shoulder blitz, but other jacks like the Iron clad and Juggernaut do not and there shoulders are part of the torso, making this sort of conversion near impossible to do with out a saw blade.

EDIT: doh, before i forget I'd like to thank the guys over in this thread http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=125852 for helping me make sure that this idea would fly, or rather punch faces.


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