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Games Workshop has just posted an Magic tactica by Matt Ward on their website...

You can read it here: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/c...ryId=&section=&pIndex=0&aId=10500174a&start=1

"The Magic phase. It's always been a crucial part of a Warhammer battle. Whether you intend to dominate it through the skills of your own Wizards or mean to squeeze through it with plenty of magical defence, you've still got to have a plan for it - because if you don't, your enemy absolutely will. Mat Ward puts on his best wizarding hat, and delves in.

The first step to planning your Magic strategy is all about how many Wizards you want to bring to the battle, and what level they'll be. With power being generated almost entirely by the Winds of Magic, it's not necessary to bring every Wizard you can but, as always, there's a balance to be struck."

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It's not a bad article. Goes through some basic magic strategy, doesn't seem to cover my approach to spell casting though, which is currently throw 15 lvl 1 goblins into every list and channel like a mad man.....

Valid this could be due to the fact that' it's not the most viable option availble as far as magic goes, but hey, they throw little green hadoken's. They rock.
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