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hey guys I know this isnt a 40k army, but I have been trying to sell these all over the place. If you or anyone you know may want them, let me know!

Its a warhammer fantasy battle lizardmen army...5th edition models. I am selling them because I don't play much anymore since the local kids my age are too serious/uptight about the game! Im too laid back and we dont mix too well anymore :-D

Anyways, I have 24 saurus from 5th edition

at least 45 skinks...

4 kroxigors, 3 terradons (One needs a wing reattached, and another needs a new flier base put on it).

Also a unit of saurus cavalry (6th edition)

Two 6th edition skink priests
The Lizardmen armybook (6th edition)

I also will just toss in a banged up unit of saurus with spears (6th edition), and there is also one saurus hero on foot.

Some stuff has been painted, but I used cheap Pat Catans acrylics (the 25 cent stuff). A little thinner, or non-acetone nail polish remove will get it off easy....

Im asking 200 for the whole lot!

I also can take loads of pictures if you would like.

If you are interested, let me know here, or email at [email protected]

and pleeeeease, if you are kind of maybe, sort of almost interested as long as your mom/wife/parole officer/whatever will let you spend the money, and will then end up ceasing communication about the stuff......dont even waste my time -_- That is getting old

Thanks guys!
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