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I'm fairly new to Warhammer Fantasy fiction having only finished Sigmar's Blood. I'm about a quarter into The Return of Nagash but feeling like I should read some other novels first before continuing with the End Times. Any recommendations?

Put another way, what in your opinion is the "required reading" in the Warhammer Fantasy line?


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The following are what I would recommend;

Anything that C.L Werner has written
-Brunner the Bounty Hunter
-Matthias Thulmann: Witch Hunter
-Thanquol & Boneripper
-Time of Legends: The Black Plague
-Palace of the Plague Lord
-Blood for the Blood God
-The Red Duke
The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade by Mike Lee
Archaon: Everchosen & Archaon: Lord of Chaos by Rob Sanders
Headtaker by David Guymer
Skarsnik by Guy Haley
Swords of the Emperor by Chris Wraight
Defenders of Ulthuan & Sons of Ellyrion by Graham McNeill
Knights of Bretonnia by Anthony Reynolds

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