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Warhammer Canon Question

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I was not sure which thread to put this in but since it is on Canon for Warhammer Fantasy I thought this section would work best. So I have a bit of a specific question here, I know that lore is written in RPG books, such as "Only War" in 40k for example is considered canon from what I know. But what I was wondering are the pre-built campaigns that are made by the developers for the party to play through, are those considered canon in the lore or is it just fannon. And when I ask about the campaigns I'm asking about the story line that was built for it by the developers, I know the choices the characters make don't count as lore.

This is a bit of a odd question but I was just wondering about canon in Warhammer Fantasy RPG and thought I'd ask, thanks in advance to all that take the time to answer my question.
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Some of the books GW have released contradict later ones (Dan Abnett comments on the canon not being coherent at the start of Fire & Steel), and GW have never issued a single applies to all situations rule of interpreting, so you have two choices:

  1. The latest book overrules contradictions in previous ones
  2. The contradictions represent rumour and folklore being more common than objective truth in a normal pre-industrial culture, so one where there is a god of change won't have any consistent history.
Personally, I like to change some of the things in WFRP from what the well-known sources say so the players have the same sense of confusion and discovery their characters would have finding Elves for the first time.
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