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Whats included:
1 Hive tyrant
1 red terror
1 lictor
1 zoanthrope
1 ravener
1 box hormogaunts
1 box termogaunts
1 tyranid codex
assorted paints and brushes
random eldar and space marine models

all the piesces are there, some of the paint got a little messed up and the superglue came undone but i assure you every piesce to everything is there. i kept all the old bits and piesces together incase the next owner wanted them. never got around to finishing some and college has consumed all of my time. offer up, worst i can say is no


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Are you looking to sell it all as one lot? I might be interested in buying part of it, if you don't mind breaking it up. Also, have you tried eBay? 40K stuff usually commands a pretty healthy price on eBay auctions.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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