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Hey guys well im new to the forums. One of my friends that plays Warhammer 40K told me about this site. We used to go the the chicago battle bunker and play. Well, one thing leads to another and now i am into rc driving so i need funds to support that. All of this stuff you see in the pictures is for sale. I dont really remember what all of the names are as i havent played Warhammer for a while but you should get the idea with the pictures.

Now for the good stuff, Heres what i have:

For sale is Alot of warhammer 40K troops, Codex's, paint brushes, and troop carriers. I recently got into a new hobby of RC racing so these have to go to support that. I kept all of my stuff in top condition. My troops have been kept in the padded troop carriers always, and the codex's have all of the pages, with little bends or tears. This is what i have for sale exactly:

-I actually dont remember the exact names of all of the different squads but you get the idea of what i have and how much i have of it by looking at the pictures. I have alot of Space marines.

-A typhus that is painted great with a snow and rock base.

-Space marine codex.

-Chaos space marine codex.

-Eldar codex.

-Bomb and flame templates.

-Tape measure.

-Two boxes of dice.

-About 10 tau drones.

-Some model sand for making bases.

-4 fine tipped model paintbrushes.

-Chaos space marines, forgot the exact names but there the infected gross looking guys with typhus as their leader.

-Space marine Tank (transport).

-Other space marine tank kinda guy but forgot the exact name.

-And lastly the space marine commander.

If you are interested in all of the stuff listed above it will be $200 OBO shipped out to your house. You can Email me at:

[email protected]

or just post in here and ill check it often. also, i have an aim screen name which is easiet since i am on alot. My screen name is:


And now for the pics:

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions, please contact me. Also, i will part these guys out seperately, just make the offer.
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