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warhammer 40k ork army

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im getting rid of a 1800 point ork army wich is listed below ill either trade it for warhammer 40k chaos marined ( i dont mind what moddels there are) or for cash ill sell the full lot for £100 . i will split up this army if needed or if you only want parts of it.
i have :
1 still on sprews boy squad. (no box or instructions but transfer sheet) £10
1 mega armourd warboss. (not brrilliantly painted and part of the claw is missing but has been replaced with scrap parts)£5
1 ork truk (not well painted only part painted)£10
1 ork killer can £10
7 metal coandoes (not well painted and 2 dont have back packs) £10
5 ork storm boys (with modifired flying grot un painted or partly base coated)£10
10 ork looters (4 un painted 3 partly painted and the other 3 fully painted) £10
20 ork boys( one ork nob comander) £10
6 tank busters(with one bomb squig not brilliantly painted) £10
10 ork 'ard boys (some nicely painted some not so well painted)£10
1 ork comander (metal half painted)£5
5 ork nobs (2 nicely painted 3 unpainted)£10
1 runt free with the mega armour war boss :grin:

im not a brilliant painter but im hopeing to get better
post and packageing depends on the size of the item.

comment on this post if interested.
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