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Warhammer 40k Dark Millennium Online First Playable Race

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It has been confirmed that, obviously, the Imperium of Man will be playable in the upcoming Dark Millennium Online. Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Adeptus Mechanicus and even their Titans are all playable choices. Still waiting on some Chaos footage.
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YEs Titans i call pilot
I call gunner! :p

The first 3 secconds made it for me. I just needed to see the words "inapropriate for children" before I became optomistic. I mean, its still a 40K MMO but so far we have that, AND no ultramarines as of yet. It might go well, especialy if the guard are not only playable but viable (not sure how but hey we'll see).

Where are we getting this titans claim? I saw no titans... *checks again* ... my mistake O_O
1 - 1 of 75 Posts
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