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All props and inspiration comes from Katie Drake.

I was bored as hell, and loved Katies SC matchups that were done. I started to flip through my dexes and began to roll some dice.

1) There is 2 rounds. 1 Round given to each character to shoot and then assualt.

2) All special rules are used if applicable.

3) The formula I use to kepp track is:
Character A # Attacks = # Hits = # Wounds. Then Character B # Saves = # Wounds Left on model.
Then Vice Versa. Repeat process to one dies or 7 turns pass. Then Round 2 will have the other character shoot and charge.

Pretty simple model on model action. I have no prob with people posting there own Results using this Formula and hope others do.

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So in honor of the New DE Codex thats suppose to be release soon (fingers cross) I decided to do current DE characters vs some nasty foes of the DE.

Drazhar vs Masque.

Masque Pavanes the last standing Incubi of the Archon towards her. She assumes it will be easy pickings from here. When the slow Eldar comes close enough she attacks. With a flurry of 3 strikes, 2 landed. 1 Punctures his armore, the other glances off his wicked blades. Awake he moves in a speed matching her own, slicing in a dance of death she could not keep up with. 3 deadly attacks landed, but each landed blow seem to be followed by another unseen one. She block all three blows, yet she felt screaming pain from where 2 arms used to be and her neck. This truly deadly warrior was smilling behind that mask. She knew this as her head slid from her shoulders, and her body was draged back into the realm of her mistress.

Round 1
Masques Fires Pavane and moves Drazhar closer then Charges.
Masque Strikes fist. 5 attacks gave her 2 hits (with 1 a Rending), the single hit turns into another wound.
Drazhar says ouch, and strikes back. out of his 4 attacks he hits 3 times. 3 hits turn into a wound x2 thanks to his Special Rules that allow a single wound equals 2 wounds. She fails both saves.
Masque is KO.

Round 2
Drazhar has no weapons so charges.
Masque goes first anyway. 4 attacks leads to 3 hits. 2 of those hits turn to wounds with one being another Rending. Dhrazar makes his Save. He has 2 wounds left.
Drazhar laughs as he makes his 5 attacks. 4 attacks hit home. 3 of those hit homes are wounds. Now Masque has to make 6 saves, and passes 3 of them. She is cut to pieces and banish back to the warp.
Masque is KO again.

Winner Drazhar.

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Lilith Hesperax vs Prince Yriel

Lilith smiled as her wyches began to cut down every Eldar of this pathetic ship. In the ships confine pathways her Wyches were surpreme. Close Combat was unavoidable. Her smile faded when a fine featured Eldar on the Bridge cut down a whole Wych squad by himself. He eyed her with a augmenting eye lense. It was a challenge, and she took it up. She ran to close the distance. He threw the Singing Spear that all Warlocks carry. A Warlock, not that tough, she thought. Closing the distance he threw his Spear. It zoom by her and only split moment reflex avoid the tip. She shot a shot from her Splinter Pistol. He doged the shot and grap the returning Spear. In a epic confrontation the 2 became a blur that even the enhance eyes of the Eldar in present could not see. Agoniser clash on Wraith Bone. In nothing short of 30 attacks in 3 seconds, she found a opening, and thrusted her sword. The Eldar could not block with his weapon in time, instead he raised his left arm. A bright light flashed and her sword stopped dead. This Force Field was not Rune Armore, he was a Autarch! He pushed her off ballance and brought his Spear around. A perfect thrust! He shout in surprise as Dark Energy flashed from her Shadow Cloak countered the bright flash of his Powerful Singing Spear. In the moment of shock, Lilith threw her Hydra Knives at the stun Autarch. He shielded his eyse. She pounced again, only to be knoked back by a powerful raging power that burst from the Autarchs eye piece. Her Shadow Cloak saved her again, but the blast had burn the device out. 2 Successive slashes wounded the Autarch, he struck back with cold precision and stabbed her perfect skin. She tried to finish him, but miss her oppurtunity as he slash at her again, barely dodging the first blow, but not the second. Landing back on her heels she stared at this Autarch, this Prince, with cold hatred. Never had she been bested much less equaled in combat. Her Succubus screamed that the Eldars fleet was moving in to intercept them. She gave one last sneer at the Eldar prince, and bound away back to her ship. Alone with a handful of survivores the Autarch leans heavy on his Spear breathing a sigh.

Round 1 Turn 1
Yriel throws his Spear and hits, but rolls a 1 to wound.
In Close Combat Lilith attacks first with the higher Int. She has 4 attacks, that turns into 4 hits, that then turns to 2 wounds on 4+. Yriel makes 1 Inv 3+ Saves. 2 Wounds left.
Yriel then attacks back with 4 attacks (1 attack is gone thanks to Wych weapons) and hits 4 times. He rolls 2 wounds of hack and slash. Lilith caught of guard actually rolls double 1s for her 2+ Inv. save! Shes hurtin and lost her Shadow Field with 1 wound left.
Turn 2
Lilith lashes out and hits 4 more times, but causing 3 wounds. Yriel blocks with his Sleeve Force Field. he makes all his saves.
He sneers in contempt and attacks back with 3 attacks now. 2 of those attacks slice Lilith up and down. Thanks to her now 4+ Inv Dodge she saves against the first swing, but the second captures her in midsection. She is cut in two
Lilith is KO.

Round 2 Turn 1
Lilith pulls her Splinter Pistol up for a quick shot, it doesnt pay off.
Holstering her sidearm, Lilith pounces with 5 attacks. 3 hit, but only 1 wounds.
Yriel attacks back with his 3 attacks, 2 hitting, and 2 both wounding. Lillith makes both saves.
Yriel gets desperate and wishes to end this early, he uses the power from his Eye to cause a instant death wound. Fortunatly the Shadow Field held out again.
Turn 2
Lilith attacks again with 2 wounding. Yriel brings up his Force Shield again and makes his 4+ saves.
Yriel attempts to catch lilith off guard, and slashes Lilith with another wounding blow. He turns up short.
Turn 3
Lilith again tries to end this upstart, but Yriels skills allow only a single hit that was blocked altogether.
Yriel however faired better. All 3 attacks broke through Lilith defenses. Her Shadow Field blocked 2 devastating wounds, the third burns the device out, and cuts her bad.
Turn 4
The Archite bit back a curse and went into a flurry of attacks. Yreil desperatly tries to block them all, but could not. He suffers a wound.
Yriel bleeding now could only manage a single hit and wound back. Even with her Shadow Field down, her reflexes are enough to dodge the blow.
Turn 5
With a satisfied sneer she press homes the advantage. 2 more wounds, and countered by that damned force field.
Yriel hits 2 more times, but Liliths reflexes are supernatural. No wounds are scored.
Turn 6
Lilith feeling the battle coming to a close gets in real close. She scores another wound that he fails to save against.
Yriel decides to let her get a wound on him for a sure wound back on her. With her this close she cannot dodge his own thrust. She takes a wound as well.
Turn 7
Both stare eachother down. Both are bleeding from mutiple cuts. Each has 2 severe wounds. Whoever scores the next wound will be the victor of this clash. Yriel tries to attack first. Lilith throws daggers as a distraction. Yriel takes the bait and stops to block. Lilith comes in with a low midsection slice. Yriel never saw the attack, but felt the blade.
Yriel is KO
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