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Saturday June 16th saw a group of 22 Warhammer 40,000 players gather at the Chicago Battle Bunker for an all day 3 game tournament that we at Hammer and Brush had the privilege to sponsor and run.

Everyone who came to play was given a chance not only to win one of the four prize categories but everyone got a prize for participating! We handed out our own scratchbuilt and painted Hammer and Brush miniatures representing objective markers and Cities of Death strategems. Everything from Command Posts to Ammo Dumps to nasty little booby traps and sneaky Sewer Rats everyone got something to take home!

At the end of the day we had winners for Best Appearance, Sportsmanship, General, and Overall who are pictured in the following link with their certificates and prizes. And while he was apparently the best guy to play against that day our Best Sportsman couldn't be photographed because his likeness is copyrighted material! Hence the odd looks......


In addition to winning gift cards for Games Workshop all the winners each received one of our brand new Bunkers. These painted and varnished terrain pieces are ready for the battlefield and come with separate roofs so your squads can take cover inside. These four winners won our first batch but now everyone can buy their own built to order bunkers from us! Just drop us an email and the more bunkers you want the bigger the discount we offer!


We had a great time running this event and everyone was really enthusiastic. The sportsmanship scores were through the roof and it really came down to players favorite opponent votes to decide who was the nicest guy there that day! Look for us to advertise more events and tournaments in the future and we hope to see and meet lots of new gamers!
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