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Warhamer 40,000 Custom Redux a completed alternative ruleset

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Warhammer 40,000 Custom Redux


Here is the last edition of Warhammer 40,000 you will need. It is a renovated ruleset, completely playable as is without need to refer to any other sources. It takes the best rules from the past and present and polishes them up with several new additions.
Custom Redux is for all who want a more competitive game suitable for pick up games and tournaments. It is for people who want faster games that have more depth and make more sense.

Blog:Warhammer 40,000 Custom Redux

Rules: Custom Redux Rules


Current State of Custom Redux:
Core Ruleset: Finished. Some sections are a little rough and may be subject to change. Needs critique and playtesting.

Codex Sisters of Battle: Finished. Needs playtesting. Codex subject to change to fit with the Core Ruleset.

Dataslate Assassins:
Finished. Needs playtesting, but pretty solid.

Dataslate Imperialis:
Finished. Needs playtesting, but pretty solid.

Future Codexes:
The next Codex will likely be one of the more popular Armies. Armies that are currently in a great amount of Flux will come later (Ad Mech, Inquisition, Tyranids).

I would like to get feedback on what is sure to be a game changer. Let me know if you would like to contribute to the project here or on the Blog.
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