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www.wargamersmarket.com the specialist gaming, miniatures and RPG auction site has just re-structured its RPG category to allow you to list your items for auction or 'buy it now' in over 100 game-specific sub-categories! We have also added major categoried for Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy!

Using the wargamersmarket.com will save you $$$ over using ebay:

An item sold for $100 on ebay would cost you total fees of $6.24, on wargamersmarket.com it would cost you NOTHING.

We offer:

1. FREE auction listings for up to 90 days with three photo's and two auto-relists!

2. NO final value fees to pay ever!

3. Prompt and polite Dedicated email support.

4. Affiliate scheme for individual members - refer friends and get up to$2.00 credited to your listings account for each one!

5. Affiliate scheme for website owners - get up to $2.00 for each person who joins our site from a link on yours - paid in cash monthly!

6. Fully featured free member accounts to manage your auctions from.

7. Wanted ads - people can respond to your ad, you can accept their offer and then negotiate in private - and they are currently FREE!

Please feel free to come on over to www.wargamersmarket.com and discover the gaming communities ebay alternative!
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