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Warbands (Kill Team Alternative)

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Ive come up with an alternative and more FLUFF driven idea for kill team. Its based around the idea of Inquisitor Warbands - But more the novel equivalent, where he has a misfit rag tag unit or entourage not a platoon of millitia. Obviously ive designed it to encompass all races.

This game was originally designed to play on a tiled map (spacehulk, Hero quest) but can be played on a small city fight board.

War bands v1.1
Basic Rules -

-Maximum 10 Models
-One model must be warlord – This Must be a character (Vet sarg, Exarch etc etc)*nids can use a Warrior as Warlord, but must be easily Identifiable.
-Any Army from same battlebrothers Force and can be from Any FOC unit/Model in any combination.
-No Vehicles
-No Bikes/Cavalry/Mounted
-No 2+ Sv
-No More than 3 wounds
-No psyker level higher than 1 (D3 to determine Warp Charge pool, not D6)
-No named characters.
-3 models may choose 1 USR from the 40K rulebook. These may be the same as each other.
-All models act independently on the battlefield

Example lists would be something like
-Death cult Assassin
-Sternguard marine Sgt
-Devastator Marine
-Striking Scorpion
-Howling Banshee
-Kalabite Trueborn

Details, Details, Details!
Warlords – Your War band must have a Leader – This must be an easily Identifiable “profile” Character. The only exception to this being Tyranids. Who will have the option to use a Warrior. All other races have a squad leader upgrade who is “Affordable”

Force Composition - Think about an inquisitor and his diverse unit of warriors going on a quest to find Intel or hunt down a rogue commander Etc. etc.
So instead of taking a small platoon of men. It'll be a small squad (War band) of men (or women) he’s picked up from his travels across the galaxy.
To represent this, you may use any Infantry based model from an army book. As long as it complies too the basic rules above.

Allies – obviously An Inquisitor wants the best of the bunch, so to represent this, the squad can be made from any Codex classed as Battle brother’s in the 7th Edition Rulebook.

Psykers – You may not have a psyker higher than level 1. This is to represent the idea that someone as important as high level psyker would not go on the suicidal missions a novice psyker would.
Also the warp charge pool is created on a D3 not a D6. This is all a low level psyker can manage to harness on a small scale battle; to harness more would impede his combat ability.
*PLEASE NOTE* this is to stop powerful spells being used all the time. E.g. Summon Daemons. Its warp charge 3. So there is still a chance of casting it. But the chances of doing it every turn are lessened.

Squad Abilities – Some characters and models have special abilities and skills that would affect their squad e.g. Imperial Guard Medic or the Inquisitorial Jakaero, even a Psykers spells that affect him and his unit.
As everyone in this game works independently, These Abilities become “Area of affect” instead. So anyone within 6inches of the model is affected. Once they move beyond 6inches they are no longer affected by the benefits. (If they move back in range they are affected again)

Specialists – All people in an Inquisitors retinue or Lords Warband are talented individuals whose talents are extremely varied. To represent this 3 models in the squad may select a Universal special rule (USR) from the 40K 7th Edition Rule Book.
All 3 may be the same or a mixture.
*If a model already has one in their codex profile E.g. Death Company marine – Has FNP and FC. They cannot be assigned another USR, But may replace it with new one.

Mounted Units, Jump Infantry and Beasts
You May not have any models that are mounted on any bikes or beasts, this is to represent the idea that you would be able to fit or ride a large bike around a space hulk or sewer system. You may have beasts, as it is not unknown to use sniffer hounds to hunt down prey.

Let me know what you guys think, obviously its all work in progress.
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Maybe it's just me being jacktastic, but if you do a google search for 'Heralds of Ruin', you'll find that they've already created an AMAZING Kill Team based off of Mordheim. No need to reinvent the wheel!

I think we even have a thread or two on these forums about them.
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