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War of the Ring Starter Set Rumour

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Posted on Warseer last week:

hey folks, just dropping in to say Ive seen WIP on a WOTR starter box to replace mines of moria. The contents are going to be made up of men of Minas Tirith and Orcs. No confirmation on what is in the box HOWEVER in have seen new Wargs that are bigger then the current ones.

Take with a pinch of salt if you must
So apparently there's a rumor floating about for a new starter set for everyone's favorite system: War of the Ring. The rumor states it will be Gondor vs Mordor, and may have new Wargs/(Riders?), but other than that, it's alarmingly vague.

The rumour states it could be scheduled for release later this year. I would have thought this would mean that we'd have heard something about it by now unlessthey've tried to keep things quiet with this but either way, Harry has backed it up that it's possible so I'll be doing the same as he's another good with getting Rumours correct.

It makes sense though, I would have expected one back in the release, but there wasn't for some reason.

Thoughts? Good? Bad? Indifferent?
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War of the Ring...

... *Struggles*

The thing, that is even more point-void than Lord of the Rings SBG? Seriously, the 40k-player-hating part of my revels in this, but I can't help but think, would pouring more money into a hardly cared for system even make a proffit? I mean, seriously, I'll be surprised if GW even makes any worthy proffit for ordinaire LOTR.

Frankly, I wish they would forget WOTR and burn this abomination from the pages of history in something very hot and very radioactive, and concentrate on improving the quality of the ordinary stuff. Last Alliance and so forth.
actually I remember reading a couple of years back that LotR was still responsible for about a quarter of GW's earnings, fantasy even less, but 40k earning everything else (not including other bits and pieces of course), it has been about the same since reading that, and I wouldn't be suprised if it was equal results before I read that as well.

so its still a very good earner for GW, its just the majority of players plug there ears when people tell them and hum loudly
A quater? I'm very surprised. Lord of the Rings -I originally thought- was something that would hook the innocent in with, those who would generally fanboy over the films, before they were fed into the machine that is 40k.

Surely general Hobby tools: Overpriced paints etc would earn a large portion of GW earnings?
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