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Today a new, special Space Wolves project for you - the army themed around the Great Crusade era War Hounds Legion (that later on became World Eaters after finding Angron) done in a worn-out and rusty approach, adorned with War Hounds and World Eaters insignia and composed from the Space Wolves codex. There is also an imposing Cerastus Lancer Knight along the army!
The theme is really great and unique. You may see more photos (especially the Cerastus Knight!) in our gallery

This was an unusual project and a great theme for the army! What do you think of the outcome?

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Very nice, a very grim/dark feel to the theme, and the pose is great on the knight. I likecthe glow on the weapons, done really well, not a big fan of it on the shields but that is just my personal taste. Good stufv all around
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