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I think the last time I played was back in 2016 or 2017. Bought the 6th edition rulebook, then never used it. Fell off the 40K train pretty hard and am now catching up. Just hoping to chat with folks about some of the big lore deets I'm catching up on as I work on the short history of the Umbral Lions, Dark Angels successor of the Ultima Founding.

Broad strokes:
They'll be fleet-based since I love 40k naval warfare. The working name I have for their mobile fortress-monastery is "the Panopticon".

Mostly operating in Imperium Nihlus. A good place for a new chapter to prove their valor and test their mettle, plus I have a fondness for the Imperuim Nihlus since I used to be a Blood Angels player and I want to keep some sort of tie to the army that I spent like 15 years collecting. With Guilliman making Dante the supreme commander of Imperium Nihlus, I like the idea of having some small connection.

I want them to be slightly more friendly with other imperial factions than their progenitors after serving in the Indomitus Crusade.

Heraldry is some configuration of a winged lion with a sword. Haven't gotten that exactly figured out.

For their color scheme, I don't want to deviate too far from the DA look, so I'm sticking with black armor, dark green cloaks, and silver trim, with gold aquilas and red for things like weapon handles. I used Hero Forge to get a general sense of the look, and while the pics are definitely not using 40k accurate equipment, I think the vibes are close enough to what I want. Dark Angels have always been my favorite SM models, so I want to incorporate the wings they use for their helmets and stuff into the look, but sort of split the difference with lions since that's in their chapter name. I went with black for the lion pauldrons because of the "Umbral" in the chapter name, just to clear that up. But anyway, this is the rough vibe for Supreme Grand-Master Cadagan Holt, the Lord of the Pride, chapter master of the Umbral Lions.

Toy Cartoon Technology Épée Fictional character
Toy Electric blue Cg artwork Fictional character Machine

Mecha Toy Machine Fictional character Electric blue

Toy Cg artwork Sculpture Art Statue

So with all that on the table, I'd love to chat and learn more about what I've been missing, and what things that are uniquely Dark Angels that I could maybe put my own spin on. Big thing I'm trying to figure out is how, if at all, I want to change up the colors for the Death and Ravenwings. Not sure if there's a precedent for that, but I'd love to hear what others have done! I'm only concerned with lore and fluff at this point as I don't really have the money to start buying minis, especially since it seems like there's a new edition coming in the foreseeable future, so this is not a discussion about game mechanics or anything like that.
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