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I'm building CSM army and I am in a dire need of a few things.

Obliterators OFFER
Probably going to need 4 of them, but I will not buy single obliterators, 2 at the least. If they aren't painted that would be a bonus if they are, it will cost me money to have them stripped, thus I won't pay as much (unless they are already black legion colors! xD, then I would pay the same as an unpainted one)

Havocs, OFFER if you have 2 groups of 5 with 4 missile launchers and other weapons available I will pay extra
I will need atleast 5-10 of these guys, and for weapons I need missile launchers for them. (if they have seperate weapons I may take them, but I will pay bonus if you have 4 missile launchers on them already) I will also buy the other weapons that come with them. las cannons preferably, but I must have the missile launchers first.

Rhinos OFFER (will pay better if they are in black legion colors or non-assembled)
Preferably unpainted and non-assembled unless in decent black legion colors, need 2-4 rhinos, also the weapons should be able to be taken off.

I will pay for bits such as chaos flamers, plasmaguns, meltaguns, powerfists, swords, missile launchers, etc.

If you don't want money..
Ive got 10 possessed who have no use in my army, 1 is slightly pained, rest are unpainted.

I have two AOBR sets full of orks (sadly already traded the marines) also have a trukk, 6 storm boyz, a couple 'ard boyz. Most unpainted, some primed, some painted.

You can contact me at
[email protected]

or you can post here.

Oblits, havocs, weapons
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