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I started wood elves a week before 8th edition came out, and everyone made fun of me for my poor timing. but if you want to start them, their best units are glade guard, dryads, and glade riders. glade guard are possibly the best shooting troop in the game, and with the high movement of glade riders, close combat units will never catch them, and dryads are still very durable (at least for wood elves).

I run 2 units of glade guard for my main shooting, then 3 units of 5 glade riders to harass the enemy, and that's the base of my army and i fill up with the rest however i want.

I'll tell you to play however you want, but personally i'd avoid the tree kin models, they're expensive, an look terrible, although they're great game wise.

wood elves right now are the most unique army, and i have alot of fun playing them, they're not for tournaments, but are very good in friendly games, i've only lost with them twice in 8th.

hope this helps
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