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I already made my own chapter, The Immortal Sons, who are very humble, value sacrifice, and view the Imperium and the Emperor above all else.

Now, I want to make a Chapter who is the exact mirror to them. They are very proud in an extreme state. Their homeoworld is covered with monuments depicting their members and their deeds. Their armor is overly decorated with furs, personal heraldry, sacred texts, etc. Where the Immortal Sons are tactical and prefer long range, this chapter will be mostly assault based and just blitz through everything. This chapter sees themselves as being the best of the Imperium and most deserving of praise and glory (They actually care more about their own selfish glorification rather than the needs of the Imperium)

So, I wanted to see if the awesome community here could give me any ideas for a color scheme and possibly a name? I am thinking their motto should be, "We are Paragon!" Also, The Immortal Sons' colors are black and blue so maybe not those colors.

Colors I am considering are, silver, red, black, gold, maybe a dark purple.

I made my first chapter pretty much on my own (I'm a big boy now!) but just for fun, let's see what ya'll can come up with (i live in the south its okay for me to say that lol)
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