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Walord Traits Question!

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If I take Kaldor Draigo as my lord of war choice along with a Librarian as my HQ choice, am I allowed to say that my Librarian is my warlord and roll for a trait with him instead of going with Kaldor Draigo's codex given warlord trait? Or is this not possible at all?

I ask only because I feel as though Draigos warlord trait is weak when not fighting daemons and would prefer a chance to roll for something better.
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Any Character model in your Primary Detachment can be your Warlord and get a Trait, whether rolled for or pre determined like with Draigo.
Isn't there something about having to choose any Independent Character; and if you don't have any of those, instead any Character? Don't have access to by books just now, but so that you can't have a Tactical Squad's Veteran Sergeant as a Warlord before your Librarian, or something. I'm forgetting the specifics of it, but it still doesn't affect the difference between a LoW or an HQ, so it's not too relevant to the OP's question (which has already been answered handily)
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