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Wait lads; I've got an idea...

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Sorry about the vagary in the title - couldn't get the whole concept in the title.

Teclis is broken right now. So I decided to build a list around him. :grin:

But, I wanted to handicap myself a bit. So I decided I would give him Lore of Beasts. On reflection, this might be one of THE BEST Lores to give him, but it was a genuine attempt to reduce the cheese in the beard.

The problem came when deciding the core of the army.

I thought supporting mages of Shadow and Life would be useful, and I would love to squeeze in a couple Nobles geared to benefit from the character specific spells, but alackaday, I don't think I'd have points.

3-4 Eagles is awesome - suddenly that march blocker can be a BEAST.

Some RBTs (poss 3) is compulsory I feel, and a big block of PG to baby sit Teclis. 2 big(ish) blocks of sea guard as speed bumps... and then it fell apart really. Started thinking about Caradryan and Korhil, SMoH and DP LCoC... Had no idea how to flesh out the army with MSU that would benefit the best from the Beast spells.

So I would love your ideas. Feel free to rubbish the list theme, but either way I'd be interested to hear your opinion on how you would make the best of the idea.

+rep for ideas I like if I haven't repped you too recently.

I'll be back in a couple hours...
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No offense mate but nerfing Teclis deliberately is morally approximately as heart-warming as hitting your opponent with a truck instead of a train: hes still dead, the only question left is the number of pieces he'll be torn apart. If you'd be playing me I'd tell you not to go easy on me and give him Lore of Death or Shadows, but thats just me having a sensitive pride. If your friends at your LGS don't mind then I suppose I shouldn't either, right? :p

Otherwise, what Cheese meister said, though I'd add that you have one of the best Initiative in the bloody game, so on second thoughts giving Teclis Lore of Beasts isn't a nerf - if you have the army that works well with his chosen Lore.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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