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Hey there,

My list so far is looking something like this:

Warboss and 10 Nobs,
3 x Meganobz
1 Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
10 Stormboyz and Boss Zagstrukk
Two squads of boyz, one of 30, nob, 2 big shootas and a rokkit, one of 16, nob, 2 big shootas
7 Burnas
4 Lootas lead by Mek
30 Grots
5 Tank Bustas
6 Kommandos inc Nob and Burna
9 Flash Gitz with Badrukk
1 Mega dredd
1 Deff dredd
3 killa kans
5 Deff Koptas
Looted Wagon

It weighs up to pretty much 3400 total with all the bits and bobs with them, and depending on the order of the day I'll serve up what I think will work as I think between them all it can cover all bases.

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It seems you have a little bit of everything but if you want to have a competitive list then you need to specialize a little more. You could take your dreads, lootas, burnas, boyz, koptas and big mek to take some of kind walking kan wall list.

Or you could get more trukks and battlewagons to go with your nobs, meganobz and warboss to make a list designed to race all your melee beasts into CC.

Anyway, I would take a look at Culler's ork tactica in the tactica articles forum for some more in depth help but basically you need to streamline your list and focus on a single tactic if you want to be effective.

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Aye, I think a few more trucks are the order of the day. Most of my mates have marines so getting everyone into cc before they're cut down is the order of the day I think.

I'll have a butchers at the tactica, cheers for the pointer :)

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Due to an ork sale from my mate and a few dinky purchases, I now have the following to choose from. Sadly I'm refusing to buy any more until they're all painted, the look of too much bare plastic, black undercoats and shiny silver are depressing:

Warboss with PK, or in Mega Armour
Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gunn

3 Meganobz
10 Nobz
10 Kommandos inc nob with PK
7 Tankbustas inc Nob
8 Burnas
7 Lootas and Nob with KMB

3 x 30 boy squads - sluggas and cc weapons (each with two big shootas and a rokkit launcher and nob)
1 x 12 Boy squad - shootas (inc Nob)
1 x 15 boy squad (inc big shoota and nob)
30 grots with 2 herders
2 x Trukks for transport

Fast Attack
18 Stormboyz + Zagstrukk
4 bikes
1o Deffkoptas

Heavy support
Mega Dredd
2 x Deff Dredd
5 x Killa Kans
2 x Battlewagons
2 x Looted Rhinos
1 x Grot Zzap gun
Badrukk and 9 Gitz

Stompa too, but still building this...

Cheers :)
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