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Well i messed up my first log with the way i uploaded the images and it seems that photobucket have lost almost all of the pictures for the first 15 pages of my second ork log (i had wondered why i wasn't seeming to be getting any new interest) so in true ork, come back and try again later, mentality. Here is my third attempt at an ork poject log.

To all those that have not been following the previous log, welcome, and also please forgive if my train of thought meanders between projects, this is normal operating proceedure for me.

So first up a quick look at how my ork armies( yeah effectively when i'm done this force will be split into several of the different clans, hence the seemingly random paint schemes) are looking.

The whole force

Grimzags Screamin' Deffbringas

Moonstar'z Inc

Da Bloo Scorpjun tribe

Snacha's Lootas

Furst platune (awe forever alone ork)

and here is how my army composition is hopfully going to look when the army is done.
Yellow indicates completed units.

Da Screamin deffbringas
Warboss Grimzag GOrwazza

Grimzag's Nobs mob
Big mek whirlygit
Weirdboys Phlash and Arrrgnnnggg each with a 10 boy madboy bodyguard
Big Mek Fixnsmash
Big Mek Razmek Bladstruck AkA: "Old squigbrain"
Big Mek Spannymek
2 ork units in trucks
Tuffdreg's boys in truck (12)
Badklaw's boys in truck (12)
Grokfog's boys in truck (12)
Blastaz boyz
in truck (12)
2 ork warbuggy units
1 warbuggy unit "da funda"
3 battle wagons
1 battlewagon "Big red"
1 mekboy junka
3 warkoptas
1 big choppa squadron
1 unit of skaterboyz
11 looted wagons
Looted wagon "Piper"
Looted wagon "Rollin Funda"
Looted wagon "Da Red Skull"
Looted wagon "Da Wizod"
Looted wagon “Dred Baron”
Looted wagon “Stinger”
Looted wagon “L-337”
Kill krusha "Fightin' 69th"

1 looted superheavy tank
2 fightas
1 megabomber
1 looted leviathan
1 unit of flash gits in kustom truck/lootedwagon
Da weirdwagon
1 snotling herd (for shokk attack wave)
To complete = 33 Vehicles and 130 infantry

Warboss Snachaz Lootas
Warboss Snacha
Big Mek Coglax
Big Mek Urk
9 looted wagons
2 loota boy units in looted wagons (1 partial lootaboy unit)
1 looted superheavy
2 looted hydra flakk kannonz
1 hydra flakk kannon "Sumfin Borrowed"
3 looted killa kan units (combination of light vehicles, tau battlesuits, sentinels eldar warwalkers)
3 looted deff dredds (at least 1 looted carnifex)
1 looted mega armour unit (in terminator armour)
2 ardboys units (in space marine armour)
1 looted megabomber “Gross Miss Konduct”
1 looted megabomber
3 looted bombers
6 looted fightas
1 mekboy lootin wagon
To complete = 38 Vehicles and 93 infantry

The Blue Scorpion tribe
Big Chief Screamin'eadache
Big Chief Danceslikegerlz
Big Chief Sittinfunni
Shaman Boneeater
Shaman Wyrdseer (big mek with kustom force field, in charge of idols)
Ug's Boys (30boys)
Kroff's boys (30boys)

Faak's boys (30 boys)
Glag's boys (30 boys)
4 unit's of 30 boys
2 grot units (1 nearly completed grot unit)
3 digga stompas
1 huge squiggoth
2 squiggoth
1 killa kan unit (animated idols)
To complete = 6 Vehicles, 3 collosal creatures and 184 infantry

Moonstarz inc
Big Mek Moonstar
2 Big Meks
1 mekboy stompa "Happy"
2 stompas
4 deff dredds
1 deff dredd “Junka”
1 deff dredd “Krumpa”

6 killa kan squads
To complete = 24 Vehicles and 2 infantry

Furst Platune
Jenral Smiff
Enjinseer 'Arrison
3 ork boys mobs (parade ground drilled)
3 heavy weapon batteries
5 looted wagons
2 trukk mobs
2 kommando units (1 ninjas)
To complete = 7 Vehicles, 9 big guns and 147 infantry
As you can see we have a long way to go. But it should be a pretty good trip.

Currently i'm adding the last 11 boys to Faaaks mob to get them completed and then i'll be turning my attention to the Megabomma "Gross Miss Konduct" So yet more infantry followed by a superheavy, i'm looking forwards to it.


Unhinged Hobo
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A double post but this kinda makes sense when put with the first one, i've taken a few shots of units that i completed since i stopped posting on the other plog so they are included in the other images above but havn't really had any time in the limelight.

First i've got two new HQ's
Big mek 'arrison from furst platune and Weirdboy Phlash from Da Screaming Deffbringas.

'Arrison is as supplied with no conversion work whilst Phlash has had an arm swap to replace the scrawny second ed plastic arm which he should have.

Arrison kinda shows the colour scheme which i'm going to attempt with Furst Platune. I figue white and green to mimic the Valhalen ice warrior schemes was pretty fitting for a desert dwelling blood axe army.

I managed to complete a superheavy in the form of largely scratchbuilt Killkrusha tank. Most of it is made from plastic stock adn parts from old kits with only the side tracks actually being as designed.

I Have a regular space wolf opponent so i couldn't resist painting up the land raider parts to show where i got the tank from.
If i build and paint another 2 looted wagons then my first Tanka mob formation is complete. Wheeee!!!

Speaking of which, i completed my seventh looted wagon, Rollin' Funda.
The chasis is a rhino with the track removed, apart from that there is all kinds of bits and pieces pulling this thing together.

Aside from that and a couple of batches of feral boys (i can't remember which ones i completed) i've only managed to finish off a second deffdredd for the army. Again a privateer warjack conversion,

oh before i go, i was asked this way back on my other plog about a certain feral ork warboss, sittinfunni.
Big Chief Sittinfunni--that's the half-ogre hero from Spellcrow isn't it? Could you take a comparison pic with one of the boyz? I'm curious as to his scale as I've been considering picking one up (along with all those alternate heads and some of the bodies).
Sorry for the dark picture DS but i had no light at the time.

The head for this model is pretty small compared to the rest of the minature, i actually didn't remove the origional head on sittinfunni, just filed the teef and other rough sticky out bits and then used it as a neck for the ork head which i was sticking over the top. A bit of GS to cover the seam and you can't even notice.

Unhinged Hobo
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ok, as money is proving hard to come by at the moment (anyone who has a job for a longterm shop manager give me a buzz), i'm having to rely on the leftover projects to ensure that the waagh keeps growing. Recently i've been hammering away at my old ork mega bomma that never got finished. For the most part it's the job of setting hundreds and hundreds of rivets onto the thing...sigh.

However i've made a couple of little adjustments that you guys should be able to see.
Firstly i didn't like the feel of the old top turret that was on the thing

too much lke i've just stuck a sponson on the roof, it also had issues with clearance when turning so i ripped it out and replaced it with this little thing.

much more aestetically pleasing i'm sure you'll agree.
I've also gone through and really put some focus onto the base, it was a plain white block before, i've now bevelled the edges, textured, painted and flocked it. Now i just have to finish the actual plane.

Must remember to check my chair before i sit down....

IN other news i sat down and did a quick count on what i still have waiitng to be built or partially constructed, in total i have 7 superheavy vehicles waiting in the wings, not including the bomma. I've only got about 30 infantry and 4 stndard vehicles (at a push) so it looks like i'll be building some apocalypse formation over the next few months.

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Good to see you giving this anuvver go ina propa Orky manna.

An impressive amount of gitz n gubbinz on display too, I am deeply envious.

For some reason Rollin Funda really appeals to me and is probably my favourite Vehicle atm. There is just something quintessentially Orky about it.

Liking the new turret on the bomma.

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That's an awesome horde of orky goodness!

I really like that you've got some of the older models in there, too.

I really liked the old ork stuff from back in the 2nd. Edition days.

There was a lot of character there.

Again, great stuff.

Unhinged Hobo
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Good to see you giving this anuvver go ina propa Orky manna.

An impressive amount of gitz n gubbinz on display too, I am deeply envious.

For some reason Rollin Funda really appeals to me and is probably my favourite Vehicle atm. There is just something quintessentially Orky about it.

Liking the new turret on the bomma.
Thanks Vash, i like Rollin funda too, considering that it only really came about becuse i ran out of rhino trck sections i'm pretty happy with the overall appearance.
Hopfully i should have loads of updates over he next few weeks, though i think there will be a lot more building instead of painting going on.

That's an awesome horde of orky goodness!

I really like that you've got some of the older models in there, too.

I really liked the old ork stuff from back in the 2nd. Edition days.

There was a lot of character there.

Again, great stuff.

Cheers angry, i try to keep the squads mixed up, i hate buying new models, weird i know, i would much rather spend time refurbing older ones. I should have a few second ed Snakebite boys in the next batch of feral orks i paint up so though i'm fully expecting to be spending aa lot of time working on Superheavies morre than anything else over the next few months.

Well i've managed to complete alll of the construction, rivvets and all. I actually have all of the crew built s well but i finished those a while ago and i'm not sure where i buried them. Here is the B-17 "O Klass" in all it's glory.

I guess the next logical step is to move onto something completely different......what?....you expect me to get this painted as well?

Ok here is the deal, i want to enter the army painting challenge again this year and i want to avoid one of the problems i had last year, whilst a change of job really messed me up i also had issues with not having a unit built and ready to paint. I ran out of time building units and trying to get them rushed out for the challenge. This time around i'm not going to paint anything for the next month or so, that way i'll have units ready to go when the AP challenge starts and i won't have so much of a rush.

With that in mind my next projet is going to be the dakka jet i started. The core of the structure is there but the details and rivvets are lacking so i'll focus on getting it done next.


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This project absolutely rocks. I love your looted wagons.

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This project absolutely rocks. I love your looted wagons.
Cheers Bucky. I'm goign to really try getting back into the plog and make sure i keep it updating with interesting stuff.

At the moment i'm very much finishing off as many units as possible so that i have models to paint for the AP challenge which a little bird told me is starting in April. So far i have 2 boys mobs, a mob of grots, a looted megabomma and a big mek built but unpainted.
Looking back through my existing started models i have 2 real stand out jobs to get completed and ready to paint, the dakkajet, which i showed you last time, and my poor battered wyrdboy wagon.

These are the last pictures i showed of it.

What a mess...since then the whole front section became the basis for my new Killkrusha tank.
Leaving this heap of parts.

Horrible. :puke::suicide:

The list of things i didn't like about it includes,
1:the back end is tooo heavy thanks to the motor inside it,
2:the tower is too far forwards and would need another compartment in front of it to balance the shape
3:....which in turn would make it look too long.
4:There is no weaponary apart from the tower and no real way of adding any
5: For some reason i used bamboo skewers as the support structure...don't ask me why i thought this was a good idea..i don't know
6: It sucks

So i dismantled it completely and decided to go a bit smaller. First thing i did was get rid of the heavy engine. Without that thing there i could move the tower back so that it sat exactly between the rear tracks. Now if i made a bulky front unit it would balance the vehicle out. I decided that Bulk wasn't enough nd that i would include a large turret on the front unit.
Most of the front is still under construction, the turret is mocked out and most of the rear section is actually complete. I managed to make the turret float roughly where i intend to put it.

Here she is...not bad for 2 hours work so far.


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Grimzag stomped quickly through the camp, He didn’t mind admitting that he was excited. Over the last couple of moons the armies meks ppeared to be having some sort of crazed joint hallucination. One of the Bloo Scorpyun tribe had apparently given each of them a bag of mushrooms which the tribe had gathered in tribute to the ones gifted by the ork idol. Happy the stompa apparently liked meks as far as the backwards orks could tell so they had been given the gift of fungi.
Whatever was in the vegetables was definitely agreeing with the Mekaniks, no sooner had they started ingesting them , then inspiration started flowing and work on half finished projects which had until now been sitting awaiting parts had commenced. Already Grimzag had added a new killkrusha tank to his army and the Megabomma “Gross Miss Kondukt “ was on the runway, being painted by the grots, the lootas had claimed the right to keep that one because they had found it in the sand dunes, Grim didn’t argue with them, they still fought under his command anyway.
Now Whirlygit had had a grot runner come to find him after having worked for three days straight in secret. Whatever he had was bound to be something good.
The warboss barged through the too small doorway of the old aircraft hanger which the meks had repurposed as a megaworkshop and stopped dead in his tracks.
A huge turreted vehicle lay before him, swarms of oiler grots welded and riveted armour plates to it whilst ‘Arrison and Spannymek seemed to be working together to run electrical cables to the massive tower which sat on the beast’s back.
Whirlygit approached his warboss and gave a lopsided grin.
“Bit of a beauty ain’t she boss? I reckon Phlash could shoot his magic fer miles from up dere.”
Grimzag nodded in mute appreciation.
“Course we still got some finishin’ touches to add, extra armour, sum rivets and a bit o wiring but I reckon she’ll be mobile in a couple o days.”
A massive smile broke out across Grimzag’s scarred face and he slapped the bigmek on the back, forgetting that his arm had long ago been replaced with a bionic and sending the Mekanik to the floor, he didn’t even notice.
“Surely dis is a sign from da gods, I’ll send the ferals out lookin’ fer more mushrooms. Keep up the good work, da more of dese creations we build, da more hurt we can launch on da oomies.
The echo of the warcry bounced around the hanger and was joined by the voice of every ork in earshot, war was coming to Delphinas V.

So i more or less completed the wyrdboy tower, mostly it just needs detail work and rivets now. Some wires and such but aside from that it's all done.
With the tower removed.

Including tower

And a comparison, i'm pretty sure it can claim superheavy status being as it's slightly taller (not including the tower which makes it miles taller) and half again as long as a landraider.


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Wow, those are some amazing conversions! By far, my favourite parts of any ork army are the tanks, and you have certainly made some good ones!

I like the old 2nd edition orks you have here and there as well. I've always enjoyed those old models, they add a lot of character to the army they're in.

All in all, excellent work! I look forward to seeing more.

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what benefits does the wyrd boy tower create if anything. does it just make it so the wyrdo can see?

also what sort of super heavy tank does it count as?
Pass, there are rules for a weirdboy tower in the lords of battle pdf that was floating around a while ago but mine has a double boomgn on the front and that's not an option in the book. I might have to come up with a datasheet for it myself. I'll look into it more once the model is complete.

Wow, those are some amazing conversions! By far, my favourite parts of any ork army are the tanks, and you have certainly made some good ones!

I like the old 2nd edition orks you have here and there as well. I've always enjoyed those old models, they add a lot of character to the army they're in.

All in all, excellent work! I look forward to seeing more.
Cheers Murdock, hopefully i'll be completeing a few more units over the next few days as my modelling table is cleared again from the big battle i played in recently, more news on that when i can get some pictures off of my brother inlaw.

For now here is a shot of my ork hoard hving defeated a warcat titan.

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Well as some of you may know Myself, ring master honker and a couple of my friends played an apocalypse game last weekend. In total it worked out about 10k per side on a 10'by 4' board. A great time was had by all and i think that next time we should be able to go even bigger :D
Here are some shots of the battlefield. They're more overviews as the fight went on than nything else but they give you some sort of idea as to what we were going over a long weekedn game.

Here is what the board looked like after deployment, the forces of the blood angels, white scars, and legion of the damned were bolstered by black templars and ultramarines at the far end of the board, on the side of disorder was waaaagh grimzag, the big top brawlers, Hive fleet chidders and the lunar wolves/black legion marines of Lord Grubbs. One of the core issues we had with this game was that very few of us had played sixth edition, i had the most experiance and that was three games spread over six months.

units awaiting deployment for the forces of disorder at the start of the game, some of these were contained within vehicles.

How the board looked at tthe start of turn 2

Halfway through turn two, the imperial reserves arrive, including a large unit of death company behind one of the stompas and two land raiders containing terminators midway down the line.

End of turn three, by now useful imperial forces are looking a little thin on the ground, most tanks are already destroyed or are being systematically taken appart by massed ork ordenance, the mekboy stompa is engaged in a close combat fight with the death company, the tterminators are isolated and picked off by combined attacks from tyranids, greenskins and a stompa. The few units that are able to make an impact on the battle are looking scattered and isolated.

End of turn four. The mekboy stompa is destroyed by the death company thunder hammers, no loyalist vehicles are opporational, any imperial forces which could make an impact are mopped up leaving scattered individuals as the only survivors on the imperial side. There were six objectives arranged at the start of the game, four were in the hands of the forces of disorder with the others being uncontested at the end of this turn. The forces of order only had a single scoring unit which remained bove hlf strength left on the board. The game was called to a halt at this point.

A shot of the far end of the board taken from the loyalist side facing the forces of disorder side.

In all the battle was a massive victory for the bad guys, in total less than 25 infantry across eight squads remained on the imperium's side. Two Characters survived the battle. The forces of disorder still had 2 superheavies, over a hundred and fifety infantry, four monsterous creatures and about 15 standard vehicles mobile.

That said the lack of superheavy vehicles on the loyalists side seemed to really hamper them, though theyy missed a couple of chances to take out one of the stompas with the arriving land raiders. At the end of the weekedn a good time was had by all and the imperial have vowed to return. We're looking forwards to it.

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i have found one picture from the battle which i think sums up the battle its the only one i have

was a good battle cant wait for round 2
I'm thinking that we might make it a regular thing, once a month get together for a game, even if it's only a small one.

OKay guys i've been secretly cheating on this forum with another, i'm sorry it was a one time thing and i was really drunk. They understood me over there.

Anyway, i've been working on my ork bommer a bit and one of their regulars made some suggestions, now as he is something of a kitbash bommer master, i felt it was worth listening to his advice and doing some additional modelling.
If you don't believe me, this is the sort of thing he regulrly puts out.

The points he made were as follows, though he worded them more nicely.

1: the open topped cab for the crew makes the tail look flimsy, add something to strengthen the open topped rea.
2: Ork planes very rarely have rounded wings.
3: Needs more dakka.

All extremely vallid point. I showed the list to Whirlygit and he scratched his chin, roared, threw a grot into a propeller blade and then went back to work.
A few hours later and this is what he came up with.

"Right, da middle bit of da plane looks ded weedy so ta make it stronga wivout gettin in da way ov da gunners i has welded on a support beam from front ta back, dat should keep da tail in place."

"Ok wiv dat done i needs to sort out da wings...too roundy? hmm does look a little bit like da stinkin pointy eared panzees have been at it. Right we'll chop em off and add some stabilizin tails ta stop da plane rollin' so much."

"And da last find was dat we need more dakka....well i can't argue wiv dat now can i? "

"So thats da lot, now i'll leave da grots ta paint it and start hackin up da next vehicle."

Thanks for that Whirlygit.
He's stomped off and is currently playing around with the weirdboy tower. I guess i should get the paint job finished on the blasta bomma now.


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So i'm sitting around trying to organise my gaming room when i find one of my older botz boxes. Upon rummaging i find three rhino chassis....now this is clearly a sign that i need to make some more looted wagons.

"But Grim, you said you weren't going to build any more orks until your other guys were painted or finished off."

Yeah i know but i needed to build something and i'm not in the mood to faff around with the weirdboy tower right now.

"Do you even need another looted wagon? How many boomgun wagons is that now?"

No i probably don't and this will be boomgun wagon number 8. But i enjoy building them so i'll keep doing so.

As you can see there is still work to do, the turret spins and the whole thing needs more detailing...also armour plates in some sections nd filling gaps but i'm pretty happy with the overall shape of it so far.

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Well another day, another update. I've been working hard on something that is taking more time than i expected.
I've had so many people comment on my looted wagon i decided that i would set myself the challenge of writing a tutorial on how to build them.

So i picked the worst conditioned vehicle i could find and turned it into something usable.

The Tut isn't finished yet but to give you an idea, i started with this.

and finished with this.

I'm pretty sure that the idea for the reinforced ram came from Viscount vash.
I'll finishe both these wagons off for the first month of the army painting challenge to give myself a good jump off point. That will complete a 10 tank apocalypse formation. Da Black Deff tanker mob.

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2nd WiP pic link is broken ;)

But looks great. Looking forward to seeing it painted up :D

Oh, and that Apoc game looked crazy!
Odd, the pic is working well for me..
It was a good laugh, we're doing it again in May, my missus is away for 2 weeks and i have the house to myself....mwahahahahah

That's way too many Orks lol! I personally think the best thing about Orks is no matter what you played before them the models can always become Orky with enough imagination!
Blasphemy....there is no such thing as too many orks.
i'll be honsest a lot of my ork vehicles are things i've picked up for mega cheap on ebay and just held onto untill i've gotten around to working on them. The rhino i based this one on came in a bits box joblot on ebay along with a load of metal terminators which i sold for a profit. Making this looted wagon actually cost me nothing.
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