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W.I.P Flesh Tearers

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Hey here is a few models that I have put some time and effort into and I am needing some feedback. Thanks ahead of time :)
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Here are the pictures of my stormraven conversion, its still a work in progress but I think its shaping up quite nicely. Still missing its weapons until my GW order comes in but for now, here it is for your viewing pleasure.
That's awesome mate, I can't wait to see it painted up!!

Have some rep :D
More pictures of the assault marines both with jump packs and on foot, plus Gabriel Seth. All have the first layer on they're bases, been primed, the squads on foot have they're meltaguns while the two squads with jump packs have not yet had they'res glued on yet. But yeah, this is what I have done so far. Much more to come still...
Really diggin what you did there. That Stormraven looks cool. did u think of that yourself or was there some inspiration in regards to slamming a rhino into the front end of a Valk

The inspiration came after seeing another conversion done with a land raider, I didn't like it because of both the look (being a bit too bulky), that and the armor on the stormraven is 12 not 14 so the thought just came to me and I started working from there. Thanks :)
I agree that the Storm Raven is very well done.

What are you going to do with the hole in the top?
That is where the twin-linked assault cannons will go, while on the bottom (which has the same hole and such) is where the twin-linked multi-melta will go, and on the sides where the rhino doors would've been is where the hurricane bolter sponsons will be.
Nice army in progress. The StormRaven must be some of the best i have seen to date. And a Seth of dies.:) +rep
I really appreciate the kind words and I know that I am heading in the right direction. Again thanks for the inspiration, it keeps me going and makes me smile so thank you all :)
both are really good- ya, tru, nice death mask....i cant wait to see the dread painted, though!
The painting will be a long ways off sadly, the rogue trader that I plan on attending is coming up fast. What I am planning on is to have everything assembled, modelled correctly, based with the bases being completed, painted, sand, wash, etc which will meet the 3 color minimum and I then won't be rushed to paint the army and can take my time on it. Meanwhile on the rhino's, baal, dread, and stormraven to paint what I can to satisfy the three color minimum.

For now finishing up assembling the last assault squad, its rhino, and the ten Death Company. I'll let you know how progress is coming along ;)
Guess what came in today... Land Raider Crusader Conversion kit! :) and so here are the bits magnetized and rocking to go! The bits haven't been primed yet hence the off grey compared to the rest of the model but not to worry, it shall be done. Added a bit of stuff, small rocks, etc... to the base as well as most of my other models. Still trying to work out a list that can take on Mephiston and more and still haven't found a winning combination yet. Still working on that and came up with another list which I will give it a go again this Thursday and see what becomes of it. Thanks again for the comments, words of encouragement and praise, and so I thank you... Still plenty more to accomplish, finished assembling another assault squad and its rhino or its drop pod, whatever I may decide to have it be deployed in. Death Company are still being assembled as I still cannot make up my mind if it is worth it running Death Company or some other unit, such as Sanguinary Guard, Honour Guard, etc... but so far... still very much a work in progress. Next update will be Thursday night or Friday. Thanks again to all and to all a goodnight ;)
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That is suitably impressive. Do you have a picture of the back of the conversion. Im interested to see how to blended in the front of the rhino.
I do not sorry, the best I can tell you is that I cut the rhino just after the side doors, I kept the top panels a bit longer so that I could use the existing panels to glue onto the top of the valkyire and then went from there to fill the gaps where I could and putting a few pieces of cut plastic here and there for the larger gaps and then green stuff around it and such. Sorry though, wish I had...
Is there any way to remove the treads? I think they detract from the model a little.
Remove the treads? There are no treads... Unless you mean the contour of the rhino where the treads would've been. I could but it would change the look of it too drastically and then it would make the hurricane bolter sponsons stick out all that much more. Even with where they are now I am debating on whether or not its too much. I like it but it is a bit much.
Keep the spronsons sir, sicne yes they looks abit much but they also look like they can back a punch like the Stormraven can as well as transport the evil innards across the feild. I was planning to use a Whirlwind for my Stormraven when i get around to making one for my Death Lances (still assembling my Death Company since im waiting for all the bitz websites to have enougb lances in stock) but awesome so far dude.
I think the bolters look great, but the side view looks strange when you see they are directly blocking the engine intakes.

Since it's not real it doesn't matter of course, but i thought i'd point it out as it jumped straight out at me.

Otherwise it's a quality piece of work, will await the paint :)
I think the bolters look great, but the side view looks strange when you see they are directly blocking the engine intakes.
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