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W: SM Bikes, Attack Bikes, Orks H: SM, BT, SOB, BA

Here is what I have for sale, most of this stuff is in good condition being either painted, assembled, unassembled, still on the sprues etc... So here are a few things that I am in the need of finish my Flesh Tearer Army and to expand my Space Wolves Army.

2 SM Attack bikes w/ multi-meltas
2 SM Bikes

Black Templars
20 Marines w/ bolters, with 2 sergeants w/ powerfists
10 Assault Terminators w/ lightning claws
Black Templar codex

Space Marines
10 Marines BNIB
2 Chaplains w/ Terminator Armor BNIB (one has been assembled and primed)
Chaplain w/ jump pack BNIB

Blood Angels
The Sanguinor painted to high tabletop quality
Commander Dante (axe broken)

Space Wolves
2 Space Wolves box sets BNIB

Sisters of Battle
19 Battle Sisters - two sister superiors w/ plasma pistols and close combat weapons, two battle sisters w/ flamers, one battle sister w/ storm bolter (I have they're backpacks, they just weren't in the picture)

Here is the link to see pictures of the models http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=205900&id=1103214365&l=2a94737017

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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