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Angels Acier 4th Company - Scourge element led by the Forgelord Von Dutch, bristling with the holy white light of the chapter armory's finest armaments. Speed and heavy firepower to cleanse the heretics and their wicked chariots.


The Forgelord x1 (vulkan he'stan)
Scourge Squad x5 (assault terminators) 2xLC 3xTH/SS
Scourge Chariot [1] (land raider) "The Inevitable"

Brother Helios [1] (dreadnought) MM/dccw(HF)

Elder Brothers x6 (sternguard) 3xcombimeltas
Stronos RZB [1] (razorback) LC/TLpg "Her Scorned Name"

4th Tactical 1st x10 (tacticals) mg/MM
4th Rhino 1st [1]

4th Tactical 2nd x10 (tacticals) mg/LC
4th Rhino 2nd [1]

10th Slaymakers x6 (scouts) 1xHBw/hf shells 5xsniper

4th Cavalry 1st x6 (sm bike squad) 2xmg
4th Cavalry Hvy x1 (sm attack bike) MM

4th Cavalry LS [1] (landspeeder) MM "Seraph Hornet"

1848/1850 pts - hq:1 elite:3 troops:3 fast:2 heavy:0 dedicated:4
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