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i would say you dont have enough long range.

if you where to switch from a HF+MM regular dread to a double twin linked auto cannon dread that might help some, plus maybe add more speeders. maybe trade the bikes for 3 more with MM+HF. 2 units of 1 and 1 of 2. or just 3 and use 10 of the 70 left over for the rifle man dread and have 60 points to throw around.

also maybe dont put vulcan with the terminators and trade the land raider for 5 more termies. all TH+SS. other 40 pts add to the 60 giving you 100 points for maybe a 2 man assault bike squad with MM?

then you put 2 speders in one unit together and have 5 fast MM and a rifle man dread and the razor for anti armor.

then maybe drop a sterngaurd and convert points to more combi weapons or something and throw vulcan in there. thats a tough unit, the tac squads are meh, i would do either mm, combi melta, and flamer or mm, combi flamer, and melta on them. then you can deepstrike the 10 man termies 2+ armor 3+ invul with master crafted TH. theres another tough unit. not many armies will be able to take out 10 TH+SS terminators. plus a crap ton of twin linked MM's and HF's.

also consider finding a way to put in a 10 man sterngaurd unit with 5 each combi melta and flamer. in a drop pod.
comes in, combat squads around really scary unit + transport. 5 TL melta shots then 5 TL flamers for the insides. plus if nothing lives you have special ammunition still for shooting at other things. do it wrong and its suicide. do it right and its game changing.

plus if they have nothing you can just drop them on some where to your tactical advantage.
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