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My two-cents:

I would go rhinos instead of drop pods for a vulkan list. Move in masses and form up your firegroups.

Remember, you MUST drop 50% (rounding up) of your drop pods on your first turn as part of the Drop Pod Assault rule and this can very easily leave a squad or two vulnerable. You can race and range your meltas into the battle with support, rather than drop some units in that get to shoot once but are then unsupported.

I don't think you are weak against horde with this list. You're not specialized in anti-swarm, but the beauty of a vulkan list is how you exploit the vulkan chapter tactics rule.

As far as vindicators, they are a calculated risk. They work very well against infantry, especially MEQ troops but the vindicator is poorly armored on those sides and suffers worse than other mech after taking a wp destroyed or immobilized hit. Protect them and know what you want out of them, just don't except too much from them.
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