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The tricky thing about wraithlords and the Avatar is that most people use them as a big distraction more than anything else, so you need to be careful of putting too much effort into killing them an ignoring everything else. The wraithlord is toughness 8 and therefore immune to anything strength 4 or less, but they have no invulnerable saves so a hit by a lascannon or rocket here or there will take it down. (It also can't join units so you can always pick it out.) The Avatar however does have an invulnerable save, but it's toughness 6 so spam wounds on it.

Ultimately you wouldn't want to get into a fight with either of them (unless they're on 1 wound or something). The wraithlord in particular can instant-death characters, so I'd recommend shooting.

So in short.
1. Rockets/lascannons etc at the wraithlord
2. Spam wounds on the Avatar
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