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I'd like to introduce you all to a new free and totally unofficial hobby project that I'm currently working on called 'Virtual War'. Virtual War is a way to play strategy games like Warhammer 40k online using a web browser and the focus is on the strategic elements of gameplay and so my intention is to add player leagues, tournament ladders and player organized events.

I've developed the "Virtual War" game engine from the bottom up to enabled game play to mimic real life as much as possible by providing complete freedom of movement around the game table, zoom in and out and a host of player tools and widgets such as rulers, laser pointers, game templates, markers and dice.

Visit vw40k.com for more details and take a look at the fully functional online multiplayer alpha that has already been released (web link on vw40k.com)

Here are some screenshots so you can see how developed the game is already:

I want this to be a community driven project and so it's your feedback and input that will help shape the future of this game.

Check out the YouTube videos of Virtual War, from the early initial concept video right through to the multiplayer release and setup guide.


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