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Vikings and 40k

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So I've been reading a book on north mythology and society for a while now, and as I looked through it something caught my eye

It's the Berserker, and this is what I realized

When a Berserker (Khorne Reference) prepares to...well go berserk he drinks from a goblet in the shape of a wolfs head that "transforms" him into a wolf (SW Reference), and then they battle. However when the Berserker comes down from this rage he has no recollection of the events that had just happened (Aspect Warrior Reference) so I was just wondering...are there other armies other than SW that take on Norse mythology?
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Not sure if this helps but i found it interesting.

In a Thousand Sons, The book clearly states that the SW and TS are two very different legions that have almost nothing in common. However, the name "Magnus" was also the name of a Viking King. I strike it as odd to see that a legion with a Nordic background attacked him.

I'm sure I didn't answer your question but tht's about all i could think of.
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