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not that bad. I will say a few things.
1 - If you do a video review try and make sure most if not all the modals are painted.
Meh. Not a priority, and I don't have a fully painted army but I have five in progress. ;D

2 - Try and not go into as much detail. I have seen turn 7 games take about 8mins and you took twice the time. Jus the important things but you will get better and faster with time.
I disagree. I heard the opposite when I posted my 8 minute batreps. People want the juicy details, and this is a format I've gotten praise for. You're right that this one's too long, and since it's only my second ever attempt at a video batrep, yeah I will get better at them.

(sound happy atleas bro)
Note the sunlight shining through the windows of my LGS at the end of the video? That's Dawn. Ya.

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Thanks guys! The Battle Reports might come in a bit slower now, my wife and I just got back from the hospital after she gave birth to our second child (first daughter).

Though, this Friday might be an opportunity to. I've also had requests to do a cron vs blood angels battle report, and this time I've got an 1850 pt list that resembles a strike force from the 3rd Company, something I actually own model for model. :D

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Congratulations man!!!
Thanks! She's a cutie, and thankfully we can relax at home now.

Do you have any other armies? :biggrin:
I own 15k of Blood Angels, though you already know that. I also have 7k of Bugs (including tons from the new dex AND I'm almost done painting 1850 pts of them), 7k of Orks (includes a Stompa), 5k of Crons (fully painted), and 5k of Khorne Daemons.

Woud particularly like to see a game with Tyranids in! :biggrin:
Well, if I get off my lazy arse and finish up the 1850 list I mentioned above, that could be entirely possible.

Looking forward to the 'Crons actually; I have never actually seen them played. :biggrin:
Really? They're still fairly nasty, it's just now people fall into one of two categories when running them. Either you run ~15 Destroyers, a Deceiver, no Res-Orb Lords and no Monolith, OR you run some other kind of gimmick list and fail epically.

Crons are not exactly the most competent army anymore for several reasons, but the main reason is that people have gotten bored with the same old "phalanx of death" build that has worked flawlessly since 3rd ed. You'll see some of the stupidest lists on the intarwebz because they're trying to be original with them, but it actually doesn't help. Again, they're not top tier, but they're better than people think when run correctly.

The 'Crons run off of three important abilities/wargear items, the trifecta of We'll Be Back:

Resurrection Orb
This thing is by far the most important piece of wargear any codex could ever have. We'll Be Back works in cases A, B, and C, but not in cases X, Y, and Z. The Resurrection Orb lets all Necrons get We'll Be Back in cases X, Y, and Z as well. In other words, they'll always get We'll Be Back unless the unit is completely wiped out, in which case they have...

Tomb Spyders
Often times the most overlooked unit in the book, the Tomb Spyder is a Monstrous Creature with Strength and Toughness 6, and it can generate scarab bases that it treats like a retinue. Generate just one and according to the rules you took a 2-Wound T6 creature and made it a 5-Wound T6 creature, and the "unit" can benefit from regular cover. But that's not the best part. ALL NECRON UNITS within 12" of the Tomb Spyder may use IT to check range for the We'll Be Back ability as long as there's another unit of the same type anywhere on the board (as normally one unit has to be within 6" of another unit of the exact same type to stick around if it is completely wiped out). And if your We'll Be Back rolls are lacking, they also have...

The Monolith
The AV14 skimmer that ignores Melta, Rending, Monstrous Creature bonus dice, Tank Hunters, and even Lance weapons, has a unique ability to let you phase any Necron unit (and attached characters) from any spot within 18" of it's hull to within 2" of it's portal. The bonus here is two-fold. First, the ability goes on to let you RE-ROLL all failed We'll Be Back rolls for the unit you're teleporting through the Monolith. That's huge. Second, it actually helps get your scoring units across the table in objective games, and often times it has helped my wife (who has taken the 'Crons over) score last minute objectives for a draw or a win.

Okay okay, that was a bit too much info especially since you didn't ask for it, but it just bugs me when people call an army "weak" and "not competitive" when they're playing it all wrong. Sure, for the 50th time, it's not top-tier, but they're insanely clever and if you're not careful, they might just phase you out.

[/rant] :laugh:

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Dude, you are awesome :biggrin:

Please do a thing with 'Nids! :biggrin: - You certainly have one hell of a collection; If I had that much; I wouldn't be bothered to paint it either! :X
Well I haven't even gotten into the details haha. Otherwise, I can most definitely do a Blood Angels vs Nids batrep.

Got any super-heavies? Picture it all; and post in the 'Show your armies' thread, in general 40k....Would love to see your armies dude.
Sure thing. I'll try to take new updated pictures of each army (was going to anyways for my blog and website), but I'll post them here first. The only Super Heavy I own is a plastic Stompa for my Orks, but I will be doing a Forge World order in February, so we'll see. :wink:

nice rant about 'Crons :biggrin: But I see where your coming from. Hopefully they'll get updated soon, and get a little back. You must have ALOT of Warriors and Destroyers in your collection. :laugh:
Yeah, for Necrons we've got about 60 Warriors and 10 Destroyers, 20 Immortals, 10 Pariahs, 14 Flayed Ones (used LotR Ringwraiths), the Nightbringer, the Deceiver (used LotR Sauron the Necromancer), 3 Lords on foot, a Destroyer Lord, 3 Tomb Spyders, and 2 Monoliths.

Again; Any pylons?
Nope, but again, we'll see what comes out of the Forge World order in February.

Welcome to the forum; you're going to be a great addition here. :biggrin:
Well thanks, and honestly I had kind of forgotten about Heresy Online (had created an account on Dakka as well). I'm glad to be a part of these boards as I've been a lurker on all of them for some time.
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