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Victoria Miniatures APC conversion kit

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Now this is very cool from Victoria Miniatures, and is what the Taurox should have been from the get go. Not too sure about their use of the GW minis on their site though.

They have also released an upgrade for the knights kit. Not sure if it's actually a legal upgrade for any of them though. Could someone with the knight codex confirm either way?

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Not too sure about their use of the GW minis on their site though.
This is going to hit them in the ass if GW finds out. They have sued for less.
The only danger so far as I can tell is that they photographed the add-on kits on the GW model. I don't know if that's a tricky legal area or not.
It's definately a dangerous legal area. They use the GW models to promote their own products, without consent from the company who produced it.

It's the same as me using a Coca Cola bottle to demonstrate my new high-tech super-straw. It wouldn't be on the net for 2 minutes, before an army of suits pushed so many legal documents under my door that Greenpeace would harass my ass for endangering the rain forest at the same time.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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