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Vets who have been with the game for some time...

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So ive been playing for a few months now...and i gotta say some parts of this game can get me so heated that i almost cant stand it. One of the people i started with barely understands the rules of his own army (seriously i know it better then he does) so im just curious did any of you have to deal with frustrations and how did you over come them? I truely enjoy the game and can accept when i get my ass kicked (which hasnt happened in the last month thanks to many prays towards the blood gods) but i just want to know i dont just have temper problems... any feed back on the matter would be fantastic 8)
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I tend to be pretty good reminding my opponent of their rules though recently i'm trying to learn my own as i've still only used 3rd and 3.5....rd/th? edition codexes. My regular opponents however deel that they need all the help they can get and will not tell me if i miss shooting with a unit for example. One game they "forgot" to remind me that i had placed my nurgle rhino and squad on the counter behind me before deployment and i went into the battle more than 300points down.

If i think it's something they should know better or have told them multiple times before i simply won't mention it to them. Hey if he wants his battlesuits to stand in front of my oblitoraters rather than jumping clear then who am i to argue. He won't forget again and if he does i'm pretty sure he won't the third time.
I have only seen very good things this far, and you all sound like those kinds of good and honest players that wont take advantage of every damn crack here and there in the rules! You are the kinds of players I would like to play against...
I think we should all take this as an invitation to have a holiday in finland at Doelago's house :). I'll bring the extra dice.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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