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Vets who have been with the game for some time...

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So ive been playing for a few months now...and i gotta say some parts of this game can get me so heated that i almost cant stand it. One of the people i started with barely understands the rules of his own army (seriously i know it better then he does) so im just curious did any of you have to deal with frustrations and how did you over come them? I truely enjoy the game and can accept when i get my ass kicked (which hasnt happened in the last month thanks to many prays towards the blood gods) but i just want to know i dont just have temper problems... any feed back on the matter would be fantastic 8)
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I remember when my son (Dark Angels) and I (Black Templars) first got back into it he and I were playing a game at the local Battle Bunker about 2 years ago.

This kid comes up and asks if he can join us. We were really there to play a 1 on 1 game but decided to be friendly and allow him to jump in. (I think he was about 15 or so.)

Now, before I go any further, I must remind you that I was just freshly back into the game after a hiatus that dated back to 2nd Edition so yes, I missed a few obvious warning signs here. My son and I were basically trying to learn the rules by playing them out.

So this kid is playing a generic Space Marine force. He starts deploying his army according to the points value each of us were playing. All well and good. Well just about the end of my first turn I commented about how I hoped my Terminators would come in from reserve in my next turn. The new kid: "Oh we're playing reserves? Cool!" and immediately proceeds to start bringing out more models.

(Yes yes I know. I should have caught this.)

So play proceeds and I was actually doing pretty well against him owing to my past experience when at some point I did something that was questionable under the rules. I don't remember what it was but this kid opens up his BRB, finds the relevant page, reads the applicable rule, and I concede that I was wrong. His reply: "I love the rules, don't you?"

(Obnoxious little prick.)

So play continues and at some point he's firing on one of my son's rhinos with bolters.

From the front.

He rolled a 6 for armor penetration. Now everybody knows that a bolter can't penetrate the front of a rhino anyway but he insisted that the AV of a rhino was 10 all the way around. While my son and I consulted his codex to verify that we were right, this new kid had the audacity to reach over, pick up my son's rhino and move it off the table.

(Tasting the irony yet from Mr. "I love the rules?")
(And remember, he's playing Space Marines.)

So I, annoyed, put the rhino back and with the support of a couple spectators managed to convince this kid that a rhino cannot, in fact, be destroyed from the front by a shot from a bolter.

Meanwhile, he claimed that every one of his squads was a Veteran Squad and they all had artificer armor, so whenever I fired on him he was rolling for 2+ AS.

(Yeah, I know.)

Mercifully it was shortly after that that his dad came to tell him it was time to go home. Mind you, he ignored this and kept trying to play, but I refused to roll armor saves when he rolled his shooting since it looked like dad was having enough trouble making this kid listen to him.
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