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Vets who have been with the game for some time...

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So ive been playing for a few months now...and i gotta say some parts of this game can get me so heated that i almost cant stand it. One of the people i started with barely understands the rules of his own army (seriously i know it better then he does) so im just curious did any of you have to deal with frustrations and how did you over come them? I truely enjoy the game and can accept when i get my ass kicked (which hasnt happened in the last month thanks to many prays towards the blood gods) but i just want to know i dont just have temper problems... any feed back on the matter would be fantastic 8)
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i have always been rather tollrent of kids in the games. I am alos a very sportsmanship like person and will remind people about rules and abilitys that would disadvantage me or stuff they forget to do...to a point. If they keep forgetting i lay it down like they roll for an armour save and an invurable save oon the same person and fail one but did say which was the invunralbe save. If thats the 3rd time they have done that then i will have to say "tough, you take 1 wound".

I don't know every codex and even now and then i have to look up some obcure or underused rules such as tank shocking which still confuses me slightly(hence why i never use it), however i try and help other kids and even let a hand in fantasy whihc i know little about where i can. This is probbaly why perants mistake me for staff so often. :p
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