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Vets who have been with the game for some time...

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So ive been playing for a few months now...and i gotta say some parts of this game can get me so heated that i almost cant stand it. One of the people i started with barely understands the rules of his own army (seriously i know it better then he does) so im just curious did any of you have to deal with frustrations and how did you over come them? I truely enjoy the game and can accept when i get my ass kicked (which hasnt happened in the last month thanks to many prays towards the blood gods) but i just want to know i dont just have temper problems... any feed back on the matter would be fantastic 8)
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I've had trouble with one particular player at the local game shop where I play. He's normally a nice guy, but he gets easily confused with the rules of his codex. Of course, there's a good reason for this: English isn't his first language. He's Russian.

He can speak fine, albeit with a thick accent, but he has trouble with the subtleties of English, making interpreting his codex tough, especially since it's the Witch Hunters codex, which has some strange and vague rules to begin with.

Someone older than 12 and whose main language is English, however, has no excuse. Tell them to read the codex from start to finish once more, and then try again.
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