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Veteran Tactical Squads

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Hello Heretics.... (and loyalists, but ignore those pansies!)

I'm still building up my Iron Warriors list and have made some decent headway into the main troop choices, and a few elites and heavy choices, but have been toying with the idea of making some vet tac squads (mainly to break up the monotony of painting 20 man tac blobs to be honest).

How do you run them? I considered doing a couple, one CC/tankpopper orientated (two meltas and tooled up with power weapons for most of them) and one for massed infantry and creatures (two heavy bolters, bolters and sniper).

How would you run them (not bothered about cost, but need to be useful and fun to model and paint)? I want to put them as part of Perturabos Pride of the Legion list or Primarch Chosen (depending on if I'm putting the big man on the board) so will be accompanied by a couple of terminator squads and a terminator command squad - both of which are tooled to the teeth and ready to bosh heads!


Brother Dextus
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