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Very impressed by the new chaos kits

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Looks like some pics got auto-resized, just click on them for full scale :wink:

Yes really I am, saw the pics on the new WD and 2 kits at my local store today. The new champion/heavy weapon sprue that comes with csm is just great, but the possessed are amazing! Those arms are just the coolest, and they're not just a nice pic. Had the sprue in my hands an hour again, amazing detailing!

Terminators just do their job, still great models but no suprises as they're basically plastic versions of the very cool pewter ones. The lord however is just great, combine it with some spare bits and a box of plastic termies (like I'm planning) and you have enough parts to convert them to chaos, have a termy lord and still have loads of spare bits. Check the cool chainclaw

And finally we come to the amazing spawns, I can understand why somebody would want to use that tide of spawns.....there're over 11 possible heads on the spure alone and the various talons and tentacle just work great. The potential of this kit is just endless!

And if the prize lists is correct all those large apocalypse sets will be coming out 13/10!
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Indeed....I'm actually tempted to get that tide of spawns box :D

....but it wouldn't be very Iron Warriory now would it.........the agony of choice :wink:

But I also don't want to go for that cheesey 3 vindicator thing.
No prob, couldn't resist as it is such great new stuff. Actually forgot something;

Ork Gargants, rumors has it these are the actual kits. I for one really hope so, my wallet on the other hand is less satisfied :wink:

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