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As title implies, what do you do when your High Elf opponent whips out the King of magic?

On paper, I can finally see Malekith having a use, as a Str6 hit against Teclis for every spell that is dispelled when the Target is Malekith or his unit would really hurt the little elf. Malekith generating +1 Dispel dice and having MR2 helps this alot.

Obviously, Corpse Carts with Balefire would also help considerably.

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Tricky for dwarfs, especially if he's in a unit, if he's not, snipe with a cannonball/GT otherwise Ranger quarrerlers.
What if he stays out of range? Or out of LOS?
Realistically he's not going to be out of range as his spells have range.
Let's assume he's using lore of life, in which case isn't it only Dwellers that is ranged?
1 - 3 of 101 Posts
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