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As title implies, what do you do when your High Elf opponent whips out the King of magic?

On paper, I can finally see Malekith having a use, as a Str6 hit against Teclis for every spell that is dispelled when the Target is Malekith or his unit would really hurt the little elf. Malekith generating +1 Dispel dice and having MR2 helps this alot.

Obviously, Corpse Carts with Balefire would also help considerably.

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Wulfrik from behind seems to be chaos' hard counter to Teclis hiding in the back.

But in all seriousness jesus fucking christ he's undercosted, especially if they take the lore of metal. (Kills my lords on a 6+ with NO saves!? And my warriors on a 5+? Again no save? Fuuuuuck)

Calvary works okay if they can get there. But good lord lore of metal is way too good, and vastly superior to shit tier tzeentch spells.
Experiment- Teclis can choose his lore before the game, but he doesnt get to spy your army first. Ask him to choose his lore before you get your army out, or even better, write an army list and leave it on the table, and get out a load of random models. Then when he declares what he is using, put away the random models and get out your army... your army list hasn't changed since its been on the table and you get to laugh at the opponent if he conplains because his complaint would also be an admission of cheating..
Thisx10. Brilliant advice.
1 - 2 of 101 Posts
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