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As title implies, what do you do when your High Elf opponent whips out the King of magic?

On paper, I can finally see Malekith having a use, as a Str6 hit against Teclis for every spell that is dispelled when the Target is Malekith or his unit would really hurt the little elf. Malekith generating +1 Dispel dice and having MR2 helps this alot.

Obviously, Corpse Carts with Balefire would also help considerably.

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yes Teclis is OP but that's why he is banned in most tournaments and if people take him in a "friendly game" l just don't play with them nice and easy.

if you have to vs someone playing Teclis (dont know why) the only luck l had was my BSB took black tongue and l force Teclis to take a miscast and with some help from infeal puppet he died.
1 - 1 of 101 Posts
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